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Welcome to the Lazy Ferret Webpage's!

The "Lazy Ferret" webpage's are dedicated to our pet ferrets.

They are an unusual pet, but if you have read this far & not run away shouting and screaming you may be interested in finding out more.


Come on in and have a look around, this site is intended purely as a personal bit of fun in Cyber space.

Random Ferret Thought

Sorry, we have been having problems with the software package we used to display our ferret photos, so are in the process of changing over to a new package, which is hopefully a lot better. Please bear with us as we re-load the pictures back up.

These are random pictures we have been sharing with freinds on other sites.

We hope you like them. If you hit the "Refresh" button, both the "Random Ferret Thought", and the Ramdom Picture will change.


Good News!!!!

It's only


Here are a few short video's of the Ferrets in motion. We will contunue to add to these as time goes on.

The weather today is:- (probably wet!!)

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